May Mini-tour

Here are some photos from the mini-tour that inaugurated my return to performing in Philly and its neighboring cities. I spent the weekend with David Tanklefsky and Craig Martinson (of Craig Martinson and the Heartbeats) and we rock-umented the whole trip for your viewing enjoyment. See here some home-made merch and house-show decor. See our view from the Lake Montibello house show in Baltimore, where we put a pup to sleep at our feet. See also the highlights from Brooklyn: the Williamsburg bridge, a privileged moment for me to chime in with one of my favorite songwriters during David's set at Cameo Gallery, a visit to Brooklyn Botanic Garden with Heartbeats' Eric Giordano (gardener by day, pianist by night), and a Memorial Day cookout at the home of Basement Band's John Durgee. What a weekend!